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Sandwalk to sponsor and join the Pharmabiotics Event, April 28-29, 2021

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

As a proud sponsor of the Pharmabiotics Event taking place online next week (, Sandwalk BioVentures will join tens of microbiome companies and will actively participate in two of its sessions.

On April 28th, Sandwalk’s Managing Director, Dr. Luis Gosálbez, will be presenting Microbiome-based Diagnostics and Biomarkers: Changing the Paradigm in Microbiology and Medicine, where he will present detailed information about the microbiome diagnostics and biomarkers that allow detection of, and/or making prognoses on, human disease using microbial signatures.

Later that day, he will also be chairing the Panel Discussion titled Looking at Microbiome Diagnostics within a Regulatory Context, and where prominent figures from different areas of the industry will participate as panellists, namely:

Jack Gilbert, Professor of Pediatrics at University of California San Diego

Ken Blount, Chief Scientific Officer at Rebiotix

Rafal Iwasiow, Vice President, Innovation & Technology at DNA Genotek

For more information or to meet us at the conference, contact us



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