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About Sandwalk Bioventures

Sandwalk BioVentures is an end-to-end innovation, strategy, regulatory intelligence and management consulting firm that provides tailored, turnkey solutions to life sciences companies and investors.

Specializing in the field of microbiome science, we help food and biopharma start-ups take technologies and products to market by supporting them with corporate, regulatory and commercial affairs. We also support larger corporations and investment firms find meaningful, evidence-based and data-driven market insights to make informed investment decisions and perform technical due diligence in M&A processes.

We are particularly focused on enabling non-EU companies establish, navigate the regulations and market their products in the EU, as well as on supporting EU companies in their regulatory efforts in the US.

What makes Sandwalk special is its team’s profound understanding of the science and extensive industry experience. This enables us to go beyond advisory and add value by actively engaging with our partners in the execution of their projects.

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We support our partners with our profound knowledge of the science, the regulations and the market ecosystem of biotechnology in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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 The most comprehensive publicly available global database of microbiome biotechs developing pharmaceuticals, consisting of 310 companies and over 1.250 active research programs.


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