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About Sandwalk Bioventures

Our mission, values and vision

Sandwalk's mission is to foster innovation in life sciences by supporting its partners in a multidisciplinary and translational manner, always with a science-first approach. 

Trust, reliability and transparency  rank highest in our code of ethics and rule the way we work and engage with our partners, as we believe these are the values that should govern any scientific development, business dealing and personal relationship. 


Our vision is to make Sandwalk the one-stop, trusted partner of reference in life sciences business and entrepreneurship.

Why Sandwalk

The sandwalk is the path behind Charles Darwin’s Down House near Kent in the UK, where he lived with his family from 1842 until his death in 1882.

Down House provided Darwin with the peace and privacy he needed to mature his theories of evolution and natural selection, run his numerous experiments and write most of his works, including his most celebrated On the Origin of Species. The sandwalk was Darwin’s thinking path, around which he made regular circuits several times a day to think about science.


Sandwalk therefore perfectly captures our essence and way of working: a systematic methodology, based on the thorough assessment of the science, to bring disruptive innovations to life.

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