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GRAS Genomic Reporting Service

We announced, in collaboration with CosmosID, the launch of a new joint service offering for Generally-Recognized As Safe (GRAS) regulatory genomic reporting for the Probiotics market in the USA. By combining CosmosID’s end-to-end microbial genomics infrastructure with Sandwalk’s regulatory experience and expertise, developers of the next generation of probiotics will have access to an optimized service offering. Through compliant sequencing, analysis and reporting, we aim to support the probiotics market in fostering the next generation of functional bacterial strains.


The Genomic Sequencing and Reporting Bundle consist of a turnkey solution for probiotics developers by which we provide not only the genomic sequence and analysis, but also a complete, regulatory compliant report on the safety of their strains for their GRAS dossiers, which are a legal requirement for all new probiotics entering the US market.

You can contact us for more information about the GRAS Genomic Reporting Service

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