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Sandwalk licenses its Microbiome Drug Database™ to The Microbiome Times

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Sandwalk has signed an agreement with The Microbiome Times (, one of the most respected papers in the microbiome industry, by which the journal will have access to Sandwalk’s Microbiome Drug Database™. This database comprises 200+ biotechnology companies developing pharmaceuticals through or from the microbiome, as well as a thorough analysis of their 650+ research programs.

The information will be available upon subscription on The Microbiome Times website and will be kept up to date by Sandwalk. Register your interest to be the first to know when it is available and get a 10% discount (

The Microbiome Drug Database™ was generated from Sandwalk’s Microbiome players™ database, which comprises over 4,000 companies active in the field of microbiome.



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