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Sandwalk’s Managing Director confirmed as Keynote Speaker at Probiota 2021

Sandwalk Bioventures´ Managing Director Dr. Luis Gosálbez will be speaking at the upcoming Probiota 2021 event online.

The event is designed to connect the fundamental science of probiotics, prebiotics and the microbiome with business and commerce, bringing together leading academics and companies in the rapidly growing sector.

On February 9, as part of a session on "European Regulatory Opportunities for the Next Decade", Dr. Gosálbez will present Regulation of Probiotics & Prebiotics in Europe: A survey among all Competent Authorities.

Recently, Spanish authorities announced that they will allow the use of the terms “probiotic” and “prebiotic” on food labelling. This is aligned with the position of some national authorities but deviates from the one of EU regulators and most EU member states.

Luis’ presentation will show the results of Sandwalk’s survey among all EU competent authorities to explore the potential effect of Spain’s decision.

Luis will also take part in the panel discussion Opportunities and ongoing regulatory challenges across Europe for probiotics and prebiotics.

To find out more about Probiota 2021 or to register attendance, please visit:


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