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Sandwalk to sponsor and join the Pharmabiotics Event in Paris, March 10-11, 2020

As a proud sponsor of the Pharmabiotics Event taking place in Paris next week (, Sandwalk BioVentures will join tens of microbiome companies and will actively participate in two of its sessions.

On March 10th, Sandwalk’s Managing Director, Dr. Luis Gosálbez, will be presenting Mapping the Biotechnology Landscape: Research programs, therapeutic approaches and disease targets in microbiome drugdevelopment, where he will present the main results of our analysis of the over 200 startups developing medicine and diagnostics through the microbiome, their 650 research programs and their financial situation.

Later that day, he will also be chairing the Panel Discussion titled The Business of the Microbiome, centred around the challenges of bringing microbiome pharmaceuticals to market, and where prominent figures from different areas of the industry will participate as panellists, namely:

Michel de Baar, Executive Director, BD&L - Infectious Diseases, Vaccines, Cardiometabolic, Immunology & Inflammation at MSD

Craig Thomson, Partner at HGF Limited

Aurélie Grienenberger, Chief Business Officer at Eligo Bioscience

For more information or to meet us at the conference, contact us



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